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Planning a trip to Germany is surprisingly overwhelming - even for seasoned travelers!  

That's why we created the Germany Travel Planner.

With our 30+ years Germany travel experience and expertise by your side, you'll navigate the complexities of trip planning effortlessly. 

And then enjoy a relaxed and memorable adventure filled with unique experiences tailored to your preferences!

Which One Are You?

I've never been to Germany or planned a trip like this before. 

Where do I even begin?!

Train or car? Berlin or Munich? Hotel or Airbnb? Guided tour or DIY? 

I've got so many questions!

I love travel planning...but for this trip I keep going around in circles. 


We've got you covered!

The Germany Travel Planner changes the whole game of planning an amazing trip to Germany. 

We've done the legwork so you can:

  • Eliminate hours of overwhelming internet research
  • Confidently create an itinerary that makes the most of your days
  • Book hotels, transportation, & tours with confidence & ease
  • Arrive in Germany calm & prepared
  • Relax & actually enjoy your travels
  • Make memories you'll cherish for years to come!

Because we seriously geek out over things like...

  • Making the German public transit system easy to understand so you feel confident taking the train (or deciding to book a rental car instead). 

  • The best way to cruise the Rhine river, the best private tour guide for Berlin, the best lesser-known Germany gems...and SO MUCH MORE! 

  • Sharing our best tips for finding flights, cars and train tickets, packing, using your phone in Germany, must-know cultural do's and don'ts, and creating the perfect itinerary that doesn't leave you exhausted or with post-vacation FOMO.

    PLUS, we recently spent 6 months traveling all over Germany (on our own dime) just so we could provide you with the most up-to-date information and tips.

What's In the Germany Travel Planner?

Whether you're planning a family vacation, multi-week solo adventure or a weekend get-away, you'll have everything you need to plan a memorable, stress-free trip at your fingertips! 


  • Videos, tips, city cheatsheets, checklists and & itinerary spreadsheet   
  • Helps you decide where to go, how long to stay, and what to see and do 
  • German Alps, Black Forest, Romantic Road area, Rhine/Moselle, Berlin, Munich and much more!

  • Where to go in Germany (with video)
  • How much Germany can I fit into my trip?
  • Best time of year to visit
  • What's the best way to create an itinerary?
  • Insider travel tips & cautions
  • And more!


  • 800+ points, frequently updated
  • Easily locate the best sights, hotels, castles, castle hotels, tours, and day trips  
  • Popular must-sees and off-the-beaten-pathInsider info, tips & photos
  • And more!  


  • German trains & public transit 101
  • How to book train tickets & seat reservations
  • Rental car tips
  • Accommodation recommendations & tips
  • How to sleep in a castle Insider transportation
  • Tips & cautions
  • And more!


  • Customizable packing checklist
  • How to use your phone and charge tech safely in Germany
  • Tipping and other cultural do's/don'ts
  • Insider tips & cautions
  • And more!

What Travelers Are Saying

Your Passport to Effortless &
Exciting Travel in Germany

We’re Cate and Aaron, digital nomads who split our time between Europe and the US. 

We've been exploring Germany since we were teens. We've traveled ALL OVER beautiful Deutschland (most recently 6 out of the past 12 months as we created this Planner) so we can help you get the most of the popular must-sees and get off the beaten path. 


Why plan your trip with us?

We have a deep love for and experience with Germany -- Cate used to live in Germany, taught college German for several years, earned a PhD in German Applied Linguistics, and used to prepare people of all ages for living and working in Germany. 


We also know what it's like to travel in Germany as tourists.

Our goal is to help you plan the trip YOU want to take, not simply travel the exact way we do. We've helped thousands of people plan all kinds of travel in Germany, and we'd love to help you, too! 

You Might Be Wondering...

Q. Is this geared towards international travel newbies?

A. If you're a newbie to travel or Germany, you'll love the how-to videos and tips we share. If you're an experienced traveler or living in Germany, you'll love our extensive planning map, city cheatsheets, and in-depth planning guides. 

Q. What if I have trip planning questions? 

A. We're here for you! You're welcome to ask questions in our private Facebook group or book a one-on-one consult for more in-depth, personalized attention. 

Q. Is the Germany Travel Planner a digital product? 
A. Yes! That means you can access the resources right away and use them anywhere, anytime from a laptop, tablet or phone. Even once you're in Germany.

Q. What is the refund policy? 

A. Since this is a digital product, we are not able to issue refunds. If you have any questions about the Germany Travel Planner, please contact us. 

Q. How long will I have access?
A. For the life of the product. So you'll get a ton of use out of the Germany Travel Planner.

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